Sculptor of Florence

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    Name: Coco Willsallen
    Date: 2002-03-09
    Comments: This work is so accurately composed. Notice the way the body is perfectly contsructed underneath the folds of the drapery.

    Name: ashlea
    Date: 2003-01-16
    Comments: this work is amazing
    notice how in real life mary magdalen was a beauty, but in the sculpture she is ugly and warped. this is because he is trying to show her inner beauty--which wasnt that pretty. great perspective.

    Name: Rachelle
    Date: 2003-01-28
    Comments: What covers her entirely is not drapery, but her hair. The iconography of Mary Magdalen is long, wild locks. Yet note how tamed the locks are, with her position in prayer. She is so covered in them that you can't even see her womanly figure which has faded away over the years of isolation. It shows a passionate figure with constant penitence.

    Name: Emma
    Date: 2003-05-18
    Comments: I disagree with Ashlea. The Magdalen was beautiful on the inside, because "she loved so much." This is when she was old and decrepit - and still beautiful, because her soul is repenting and sorrowful and adoring. Look at her EYES.

    Amazing work, by the way.

    Name: Ari Bent Ómarsson
    Date: 2003-12-15
    Comments: This peach is realy good, it inspires young people to give a go in craftmanship. I like how the hands come together and ask for mercy.

    Name: angel antonette
    Date: 2006-10-04
    Comments: This piece of work is one of my favorite works of art by Donatello. (maybe because i'm kinda feminist) The figure really shows great transformation of the physical beauty of Mary Magdalene. Her deep penitence is very much justified by the artist. the carving is really clear, very miticulously made...

    Name: confused
    Date: 2004-10-13
    Comments: i dont understand why Donayello wanted to sculpt marey magdalen i have been trying to find out information and the background to it for hours . i have an essay due in tomorrw can someone please help?

    Name: Shelby..
    Date: 2004-10-21
    Comments: This work of art is awesome. The statue is clearly beatiful and has been put a lot of thought into it. Donatello is a passionate artist.

    Name: Jenn
    Date: 2007-01-12
    Comments: I am new to observing art and i feel this sculpture is breath taking. I read the comments of others on here and I believe there is a few views I can add. 1) Mary was old in this piece of art so I see her age being depicted. I also see the warmth and love someone else has stated she did and did not have inside her. With Mary she was already forgiven when Jesus died on the cross, so looking at this I see her just praying and communnioning with her SAvior. And Mary was released from the agnger and hurt and shame from her previous life she lived. So she was pleasant person after Jesus saved her from being stoned to death. In a few short words I see Mary here as an old woman just praying.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2007-02-20
    Comments: The story of Mary Magdalene in the New Testament was a very beautiful story and this is where Donatello would have come up with the idea. It seems that it was important enough to put an incredible amount of effort into portraying it. I think he was really trying to show how sorry she was.

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