Sculptor of Florence

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    Name: Margaret Craig
    Date: 2002-09-12
    Comments: This is a remarkable work by Donatello, demonstrating the power of his early style, and his understanding of classical heroic prototypes but within his own idiom. It is one of the first works of the new Renaissance style.

    Name: Charles Rambridge
    Date: 2003-02-07
    Comments: Can i point out the not so brilliant use of English by Kat Lawrence..... how can you feel like you know St George when you look at this sculptor, namely Donatello? Mind you, it is quite impressive that you got a look at a man who has been dead for many centuries.

    Name: Heather
    Date: 2003-06-25
    Comments: This was simply an advertisement for swords and helmets. Each week the statue would wear a different helmet and would be shown holding a different sword. Donatello was just a puppet, as were many artists at this time. This statue is important because it is an early renaisance piece and Donatello has tried to revert back to the Roman canon; however, it isn't the most breathtaking piece esthetically.

    Name: U of H- art student
    Date: 2003-12-09
    Comments: I what Kat Lawarance mean by "it makes me feel like I know St George when I look at this sculptor". The statue speaks volumes and when she looks at the statue she probably felt like St. George was telling his story.

    Name: Nathaniel E.
    Date: 2005-02-24
    Comments: WOW! What a phenominal piece of art work! I'm doing a school project and came arcoss The sculptor, Donatello, and right away, his art caught eyes. One of the best sculptors that I know of, and I know many.

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