Sculptor and Architect of Florence

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    Name: Skibadee is the man
    Date: 2002-10-08
    Comments: The machine looks like its supposed to be worked by the horse to pull the pale on the top. I don't see any way this machine would be made to help a horse. Horses were used to help people, not the other way around.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2002-11-14
    Comments: not to state the obvious or anything, but as an artist I'd be embarrassed of this one,...whats with the poorly executed elipses etc? or am I missing something? Im sure he'd be not so happy to have this going around the WorldWideWeb

    Name: Himmel Kurtz
    Date: 2003-01-06
    Comments: Ingenious. To anyone who has ever layed brick this machine is god sent --from the hand of Daedalus himself. The comments I've read here are inane. Students ought to finish Jr. College, first, before they speak.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2003-04-14
    Comments: hmmmm.... i think that the horse is suposed to walk around in a circle. and the horse is tied to the brown pole towards the bottom. and then the pole the horse is tied to turns the larger pole, and turns the gears making the pots do something- the pot on top looks like dinner.

    Name: NMC
    Date: 2003-04-29
    Comments: this is a simple machine composed of pulleys, gears and cranks to do a job that would require a lot of human energy, genius.

    Name: Nero
    Date: 2003-09-18
    Comments: the point of the two horrisontal wheels is that you use one of them at the time and have two different directions around the same axel.
    The proportions is of course not correct

    Name: Giustiniano di Belaspetto
    Date: 2003-09-25
    Comments: This is Brunelleschi's sketch of the ox hoist - 6 times more effective than anything else built at the time and featuring the first ever reverse gearbox and clutch. Lifted by the lower screw, the horizontal axis wheel engages with either the higher of lower gear, thereby setting the direction without having to reshackle the beast. A huge time-saving 'back then'.

    Think about that next time you slam your car into reverse. This man was remarkable. I read the comments here and think that it's mankind that is going backwards, not the gearbox.

    Disgraceful comments. Be ashamed

    Name: Alex
    Date: 2003-12-09
    Comments: The designed by Filippo Brunelleschi a famous goldsmith and architect. It is meant to do the work of six oxen. What happens is the ox goes around in a circle while the stone which you all call pots moves upward. This is a machine used in construction. It was used to build the Dome of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2004-03-21
    Comments: The thing is a hoist and it was drawn by an engineer not an artist; Brunelleschi did not draw it himself his friend did, Brunelleschi was too afraid that someone would steal his design if he documented it. The horse rotates the screw which moves the gear train which in turn pulls up the bricks for the dome.

    Name: Peter Leonard
    Date: 2004-04-14
    Comments: It is simple, and clever.
    The horse only has to go in one direction.
    There are two buckets, one going up as the other comes down. The change of direction of rotation required, is achieved by adjusting the vertical threaded section up or down, so that either the top or bottom cogged wheel engages with the main drive wheel.
    These must have been arranged so that they were never completely disconnected before the other cogs connected, to prevent the weight of a load, causing it to run away from itself, accidentally

    Name: artinfo
    Date: 2004-06-25
    Does anybody think it might have been used to haul the huge number of brinks needed to build the dome, the duomo - which was the largest dome ever built in history and used a totally new method of construction - the Romans had used felled trees inside to bolster the weight of the dome - create a support system. The duomo had no support system. The bricks were laid in a herringbone pattern. It was experimental until it was a success.

    BRUNELLESCHI was an architect and mathematician and he developed TECHniques and methods for drawing and painting that significantly affected the evolution of naturalist art. Techniques like Linear Perspective. These methods lead to the evolution of sight-size and gave later painters the ability to create identifiable, lifelike portraits and figurative works.

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