Painter of Florence
(1406 - 1469)

User Comments:

    Date: 2002-11-17
    Comments: This is one of my favorite pieces of artwork. I love how Lippi never ceases to take one of the most traditional subjects in Renaissance art and revolutionize it to the utmost degree. The column positioned smack in the middle of the work has an almost disturbing quality. As the viewer you feel compelled to kind of peer around and and see just what it is that is being abstucted from view. Also the flask in the foreground is quite a unique attribute. Seems like Lippi may have taken heed from Northern European artists with that distinct quality. Also his taste for complex architectural space and dramamtic chiaroscurro is very prominent. This work is truly amazing. I really hope that more comments are made.

    Name: vulcan
    Date: 2003-12-25
    Comments: What Strange Depth!how inviting!as if to say "Step in, Thou hypnotized observer of this calm masterpiece!"

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