Architect of Florence

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    Name: sander
    Date: 2002-04-16
    Comments: Note the similarity with the arch of constantine in Rome. What a way to use a pagan symbol in a holy church! A thriumph arch used for a facade of a church.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2002-10-31
    Comments: What are the similarities between the interior of Sant' Andrea and the Roman Basilica in terms of articulation?

    Name: maria
    Date: 2002-12-10
    Comments: This particular bascilla is a very contemporary and styized structure. It's sipmllcity and grandeur encompass it's beatuy, it lacks detail and intricate classical ideal of the reniassance period, is not where noticeble. It does not have a leaving statement or a lasting impression.

    Name: Hayden + India
    Date: 2003-01-13
    Comments: The size of the building is amazing. The ability to have a coffered roof under the triumphal arch as well is a great view to look at while walking into the building.

    Name: betsy
    Date: 2003-02-10
    Comments: Responding to the comment of Sander, that arch was not a pagan symbol. Emperor Constantine was the first Christiand emperor enthroned, and did much to further Christianity.
    Thought the tradition of the triumph arch is heretical, the style of this particular one is definetly christian.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2003-02-18
    Comments: Earlier in life he built the S. Fransesco, in Rimini Italy. He tried to combine the elemnts of a greek temple and the an arch triumph. His first attempt was not successful. 20yrs later(1470)... S. Andrea, Manuta, Italy is his second attempt. Just a little bit more successful.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2003-10-28
    Comments: The Triumph-Arch Motif shows importance considering the fact of the relic of Christ's Blood being held in S. Andrea (Gospel).

    Name: Sir Gustus Forezi
    Date: 2004-01-31
    Comments: The typical latin cross plan explefies the simplicity of Alberti's vision. The large columns do nothing to encapture the individual thus leaving a sense of encapturement, emphatically rephysically undermining the visual goal of the encampment.

    Date: 2004-09-19
    Comments: Can anyone help me compare and contrast the architecture of Brunelleschi's Church of San Spirito in Flqrance with Alberti's Church of Sant' Andrea in Mantua pictured above in terms of how the two buildings help define the nature of architecture in the Renaissance along the lines of proportion, rationality, harmony and unity

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