Painter and Sculptor of Florence

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    Name: Kishna
    Date: 2002-03-12
    Comments: this must be one of the best paintings that he did . it possesses a natural beauty that is beyond my natural belief

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2002-08-11
    Comments: Not bad at all?? what a shocking comment! why its a work of art by a truly amazing painter and visionary of our past, way before his time. An elightenment to all artists alike.


    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2002-10-06
    Comments: it's very good when i look at this painting i
    relise that he has captured the beauty of gods creation

    Name: Julia
    Date: 2002-10-30
    Comments: Something about it makes me wonder of his thoughts, his secrets.... I've been moved to save a copy on my desktop, print a copy out to hang on the art-cluttered tac board in my room, and paste a smaller version in my writing journal. And to the person's comment two comments back, I think you meant "ahead of his time" (?) I suppose we all express ourselves in different ways.

    Name: chela
    Date: 2003-03-13
    Comments: i dont know much about art but this is by far one of the most beautiful peices of art.
    this guy was pretty talented i'll tell you that.

    Name: Tish
    Date: 2004-01-29
    Comments: It is very. Beautiful it makes me feel like I'm floating. It looks so real almost like the Mona Lisa. I think Leanordo worked very hard on this one just like the Mona Lisa.

    Name: Jess
    Date: 2004-03-18
    Comments: This painting does truly possess a natural (dare i say devine?) beauty. The serenity that lights up all of his paintings is shown in this particular one with a strange and delicate modesty- enough to make any artist envious and humbled, as well as inspired.

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