Painter and Sculptor of Florence

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    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2002-04-16
    Comments: this is an unfinished work, typical of this man of many talents who did not deem his art as important as other artists would have

    Name: Julice
    Date: 2002-05-23
    Comments: Eventhoe its an unfinished piece.. it shows how Da Vinci worked from the bone and out..
    i think this piece is very interesting

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2003-02-15
    Comments: this painting was worked on by an artist other than da vinci himself. the original sketches beneath the paint were done by da vinci; however, the anonymous artist painted over the sketches and even made some changes to the original ideas. if you look closely, you'll notice that this was not painted as skillfully as if da vinci had painted it himself.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2006-05-26
    Comments: It has been proved that in fact Da Vinci did the stetches but an yet unknown and unskilled painter tried to finish it off may to cash in on Leonardo's growing popularity. The discrepancies were discovered by Maurizio Seracini when he was asked to investigate the possibility of restoring the work

    Name: Tomas
    Date: 2003-12-08
    Comments: Altough another Painter helped with the painting it is still very intersting how Da Vinci uses Color.

    Name: Tori
    Date: 2004-04-13
    Comments: I recently saw this piece in Florence and was awestruck by it. It is an incredible piece of work that has such depth in content that encapsulates to such a greater degree many more complex theological ideas than what may first appear. I was both intrigued and impressed by his work as well as his thought in this work!

    Name: Mary
    Date: 2006-06-05
    Comments: I love this painting, eventhough it's not finished. I've read somewhere (in a book about Leonardo da Vinci) that the man on the bottom right of the painting, who is looking away, is a self portrait of Leonardo. I wonder if this is true..

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