Painter of Florence

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    Name: DanShell Evon
    Date: 2002-09-26
    Comments: I am truly surprised to see how much effort and strength that this artist put into these doors. I am really honored to ay tht he was a great artist and I am very pround and amazed that he worked on these doors for 50 years.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2003-01-03
    Comments: I know those doors took a lot of time to complete. I would like to see a close up of each of the reliefs though.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2007-02-11
    Comments: the doors above were finished in 1422 after 21 years of work. He was commisioned to create a second set of doors in 1425 which took him 27 years to complete. The second set were named the "gates of heaven" by michalangelo

    Name: Rachele. Age 16.
    Date: 2007-02-22
    Comments: Lorenzo started working on the doors around 1401-1402 and completed them in 1424. Each panel consisted of scenes from the Old Testament. This intrigued the people because everyone had been so focused on the New Testament and to see the meaning and reality behing the old was refreshing. :)

    Name: ???
    Date: 2007-11-06
    Comments: this structure is truly amasing, i am lucky to have seen it not once but twice in my life. beautiful, simply beautiful

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