Painter of Valdarno

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    Name: sanjay
    Date: 2002-10-28
    Comments: A work of beauty. a beauty of awesome foreshortening of the object, a beauty of naturalism and humanism. The lutes, the four angels, the altar on which she sits are depicted with such brilliance that we are in awe of his marvellous feat. The background of gold weeps a tear of serenity with its light and righteous beauty of an altarpiece.

    Medieval you ask?! Not in my book! Masaccio establishes the early renaissance with the linear perspective of such paintings as this and the trinity which dominates the west wall of the santa maria novell ain florence.

    In conclusion, this marvellous piece of personified artistic expression is a reproduction of human existence, thus, being its own true love.

    Name: TIFFANI
    Date: 2003-12-02
    Comments: I think this is a beautiful painting that really shows that I think he would have been a very good father because he shows how he see a mother and he child and you could only expect him to be the same way.

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