Michelangelo BUONAROTI
Painter, Sculptor and Architect of Florence

User Comments:

    Name: Chris
    Date: 2002-01-23
    Comments: This is the most amazing piece of sculpture I have ever seen. I'm always taken aback every time I see it.

    Name: Lynn
    Date: 2002-03-13
    Comments: I am always in awe of the skill and sensitivity it takes to create a work this exceptional. You feel as if you could reach out and touch the limp body, or maybe cradle Mary as gently as she cradles her Son. You can almost feel the different textures of flesh and fabric on the cold cold stone. Simply amazing, and awe inspiring.

    Name: jessica chan
    Date: 2002-03-20
    Comments: This sculpture always remind me the scene in the hospital, when my sister cradled her son who suffered from Cerebal Palsy, one day before he passed away. There are so much emotion in it that I always tear when I see this sculpture.

    Name: Eve
    Date: 2002-03-20
    Comments: When I was in Rome in the St. Peter Cathedral, I saw thi beautiful piece of art. I was just standig in front of it and I couldn't do anything but watching it! It's amazing!

    Name: Nicole
    Date: 2002-04-17
    Comments: this sculpture, is one of the most famous sculptures in the world, visited by milions of tourists. When I saw it in real life, i knew why.

    Name: Irene Imbrogno
    Date: 2002-07-06
    Comments: There is such a look of pathos,on Mary's
    youthful, vulnerable features.I am always struck by how Michelangelo always portrays the Virgin
    as barely more than a girl.
    At the same time,the look on her face,is that of a devastated Mother mourning her beloved son.It
    is heart-breaking.Iwant to look inside her mind,and read her thoughts.Does She feel Christ is gone forever,or does she already know,He wlii
    be ressurected?
    This is an incredibly beautiful,astounding

    Name: Maureen O'Keefe West
    Date: 2002-07-25

    I am a Art History major and I am finally going to Rome to see the Pieta at St. Peter's in early October. I know that I will admire and appreciate it very much. I have only seen pictures so to see the real thing will be very exciting for me.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2002-10-14
    Comments: I am profoundly sad at the loss of my daughter and am looking for some expression of my grief. I cannot speak. I am devastated.

    Name: Dana
    Date: 2003-07-23
    Comments: The originality of this piece of art lies in the fact that Jesus Christ is a man,and not a baby, like all artists have accustomed us to.I have always said that I will not die until I have seen Italy and Pieta.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2003-11-06
    Comments: I was truely touched by this piece of art. I have always loved many different types of art. But I believe this is one of my favorites.

    Name: Samantha Nowell
    Date: 2004-08-24
    Comments: For centuries people have gazed on this piece of work in awe while few realize the true pride that Michelangelo felt for this particular statue. It is a finished piece of work, a rarity for Michelangelo, and most importantly, the only work that Michelangelo signed. His name can be seen in the sash that crosses the Madonna's chest.

    Name: melissa
    Date: 2004-11-11
    Comments: everty time i look at this piece i cant emagine how hard it would have been for Michelanglo to make this out of marble and also how hard it would of been on the vrigin mary to lose her son. 1 day i would love to go see this beautiful amazing sculpture in really life, but right now im using it for my vce studio exam.

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