Michelangelo BUONAROTI
Painter, Sculptor and Architect of Florence

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    Name: Irene Imbrogno
    Date: 2002-05-23
    Comments: The'Doni Tondo',is a beautiful depiction of the Holy Family.The colors are clear and bright,yet soothing.The background is a serene,light blue,harmonizing with the deeper blue of cloth draped about the Madonna's legs.
    The trio all seem absorbed with one another. The Christ-child has his fingers in his Mother's hair.THE ARTIST has positioned the family,front and center.They are the larger figures,looming in importance.The people in the background,seem merely that,'background.'

    Name: Scott
    Date: 2002-11-11
    Comments: I think this is the most beautiful depiction of the Holy Family my eyes have ever seen. The adoring look in lovely Mary's eyes; The serene gaze of her curly haired child; The earnest appreciation in the eyes of Joseph. The subjects of the painting seem to have souls. Michelangelo Buonarotti displays his skill at painting the human form, muscle tone and posture with a quality so very rarely, if ever, seen in the hundreds of years since his death. As an ameteur painter, I have to tip my hat to Mr. Buonarotti. His visions and hands seem to have had divine assistance.

    Name: Free to Be You and ME
    Date: 2003-04-28
    Comments: Yes, its one if the nicest I've ever seen myself. This is Michealangelo's only known completed work on wood. It was made for the marriage of Agnolo Doni and Maddalena Strozzi. Note the life like manners the people are in (mannerism). Leonardo was a great influence to Michelangelo on this painting. Notice the detail, how Michelangelo depicted angels as males with no wings. This was new at the time.

    Name: Erica
    Date: 2003-12-10
    Comments: Not only is this painting gorgous but the symbolism is also great. The old pagan religion in the background and the new christian religion in the foreground united by a depiction of St. John. Everywhere you look there is more meaning. Michelangelo is a genius.

    Name: zoe
    Date: 2004-03-02
    Comments: I admire the way Buonarroti has emphasised that the human body is a beautiful thing and should not be hidden. I love the way the virgin mary looks very calm and in control of the child, as to say "Joseph hand him over to me". It has stunning colours, intriguing compostion and monumental figures.

    Name: Jessica
    Date: 2004-05-30
    Comments: I really think the Doni Tondo is a really beautiful painting. The painting is really detailed and it has a lot of colours. I would say that Michelangelo was the Bestest Artists who evr lived!

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