Michelangelo BUONAROTI
Painter, Sculptor and Architect of Florence

User Comments:

    Name: Irene Imbrogno
    Date: 2002-05-24
    Comments: There is a common thread that runs through all of Michelangelo's creation scenes.God always at the center of the action,with a boundless energy, enthusiasm and drive.Again we see the whirling GOD figure,and behind him a background of swirls.
    This certainly changes the thinking that GOD SITS ON A THRONE ,and calmly says ,'Let there be light.'The God of Michelangelo,is a veritable whirlwind.
    This painting is framed,with the 4 ignudi at the corners,as are some of the others.

    Name: Stephen Davies
    Date: 2002-06-05
    Comments: This painting is amazing. The some of the colours mix together beautifully and others contrast making the picture stand out so much and making it one of the best he made. He has managed to put so many thoughts about GOD into one picture that everybody can see the beauty of the picture.

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