Michelangelo BUONAROTI
Painter, Sculptor and Architect of Florence

User Comments:

    Name: Irene Imbrogno
    Date: 2002-05-22
    Comments: This painting is magnificent!The contrast between the happy pair enjoying the beautiful day and fruit,and then the grief and terror sricken couple at the right side of the picture.The Eve sitting under the tree,looks different,than the red-haired,somewhat stocky woman portrayed otherwise.The Eve under the tree is a brunette, with a more shapely body and finer features.
    It's interesting that the serpent,is shown as
    part woman.Is the artist again showing disdain
    for women?
    As the angel is driving Adam and Eve out of Paradise,Eve looks totally distraught and frightened.Adam's arm is raised in despair and the realization of their tremendous loss.
    A very sad and illuminating painting.

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