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    Name: David Fedoruk
    Date: 2002-04-28
    Comments: I came acoross this artist via a orchestral work by Martinu "The Fescos of Piero della Frencesca". Each of three movments is based on one of the eight frescos on the subject of the Legend of the Holly Cross.

    Name: Igal Permuth
    Date: 2004-05-31
    Comments: I have studied Piero Della Francesca for a long time. "Coincidentally" my father got as a present a book from Carlos Fuentes, its name is "Viendo Visiones". The first analysis observes Della Francesca. I was happy to learn that "The Dream of Constantine" explains how the figures in his work dream, yes dream and move, and how Della Francesca reveals a new world of movement and rupture, as he dies blind in 1492, when Cristobal Colo arrives in America.

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