Painter of Florence

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    Name: Chris Iverson
    Date: 2002-11-23
    Comments: Amazing painting! It makes me want to know more about the story behind it... the centaur is so tormented...why? I will definately reasearch this peice more!

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2003-01-28
    Comments: During the
    Renaissance Pallas was known as the goddess of
    reason. It was a favorite of the Renaissance
    humanists to portray Athena with a
    Centaur -- diametrical opposites. Athena was
    known as a genteel woman with high intellect,
    while the Centaur was described
    as a wild beast. The Centaur is said to represent
    man's lower, party animal nature. Centaurs were
    lecherous, brutal, and
    drunken creatures. In the paintings Athena is
    usually shown grasping a centaur by the hair
    on his head as he cringes and trys to
    pull away, representing the hold civilization
    has on the animal within man.

    Name: Luthien
    Date: 2003-04-16
    Comments: Fantastic representation of both. Love Palls' experssion, it seems to convey her compasion for the centaur.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2003-05-30
    Comments: this is a great masterpiece! I am one of Botticelli"s greatests fans. Pallas' pose is very similiar to tjat of Venus in the birth of venus.

    Name: kellie
    Date: 2004-03-29
    Comments: The humbling of man. The touch of Ahtena, Goddess of wisdom, is the knowlegde of what makes men human of man.. And knowlegde hurts, especially the knowledge passed on by a godess. Mr Centaur doesn't seem to be handling it too well, does he?

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