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    Name: marianna
    Date: 2002-04-22
    Comments: i love the primavera and i think it's gorgeous. would anyone happen to know what the medium is? i need it before tomorrow.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2002-05-15
    Comments: i am new to the art of painting and yet i can still say that this painting is one of the most profound expressions of art i have ever seen

    Name: Rachel
    Date: 2002-07-25
    Comments: Sandro Botticelli not only paints beautiful women, he paints goddesses, angels, something beyond the ordinary. There's a light and illumination in the eyes of the people he paints, not just lovely faces, but beautiful souls.
    I feel that very few artists are gifted with the ability to capture a persons soul with their paintbrushes, but Botticelli is one of them and I will love him eternally for it.

    Name: danielle
    Date: 2002-06-13
    Comments: it is a timeless piece of what true art is all about. a good painter will paint what others do not see.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2002-06-20
    Comments: I have seen the 'Primavera'at the 'Uffizi' gallery in Florence and it truly is breathtaking. I found myself staring at it for what seemed like an eternity.

    Name: Heather
    Date: 2002-07-01
    Comments: Sandro Depiction here has allot of history behind it. He is one of the few Renaissance Artist that really shows the beauty a woman has.

    Name: Jenn
    Date: 2002-08-16
    Comments: I have never heard of Botticelli before in my life until I had a reading assignment from my Art History instructor. The book metioned just a little about Botticelli but they showed this picture and I fell in love. I have never seen a painting so wonderful before this. Botticeli is truly a magnificent artist. Every time I look at hs paintngs, my mind wanders into a surreal place and I find myself daydreaming in wonderment!

    Name: Hannah
    Date: 2002-08-24
    Comments: He truly shows the beauty of women in his paintings. I am not the most beautiful girl in the world but his work had inspired to live my life without have to be ashamed to be a woman. I just love his work.

    Name: toņa
    Date: 2002-09-25
    Comments: I like too much this painting because it is very nice, I like the colors and the animals because they are very cute.

    Name: andrew
    Date: 2002-10-01
    Comments: it is the best paning because it shows the beauty of a genius and know one else can do it beter. It describes the artist.

    Name: andrew
    Date: 2002-10-01
    Comments: It is a beutiful piece of artwork I could't see better by any
    body else it describes the author he is a great artist even tough I never heard of him.

    Name: Jen
    Date: 2002-11-04
    Comments: This piece... where do I begin? It's flawlessly gorgeous and angelically delightful! The Renaissance art is definitely given such a good name in large part to Botticelli and this masterpiece.

    Name: Bob balogna
    Date: 2002-12-03
    Comments: i think this peice of work is equisite and im glad i looked up this picture for class because it changed my life... i love sandro bottecli :-)

    Name: Kerri
    Date: 2002-12-02
    Comments: Im writing a paper on this piece of artwork but I am not quite sure what it is depicting, any ideas or interpretations?

    Name: Nancy
    Date: 2003-03-13
    Comments: Yeah, okay, there's certainly no debating its beauty, but what does it all mean???? It's surely esoteric to me as I cannot find a common thread amongst the elements...

    Name: Juliet Capulet
    Date: 2003-04-01
    Comments: Bottielli was truly blessed. Such a painting deserves an awesome comment. Completely breathtaking. Primavera can be Spanish or Italian for Spring. As we can see in this painting he truly portrayed this.

    Date: 2003-04-25
    Comments: I understand the meaning of this painting to compare to the new spring as with the new renaissance of the fifteenth century. If anyone has any information as to any comparison to this painting and the Florence culture, please email me.

    Name: orla
    Date: 2003-05-01
    Comments: when you find your mind wandering through the world a painter shows you its amazing, 'Primavera' shows us a feminine soft world that captures the thoughts and lets them wander camly, (if only for a minute). its beuty!

    Name: Kopsas
    Date: 2003-06-27
    Comments: Although Donatello set the reassurgence of Neo-Pagan ideas with his nude statue of David, Boticelli's works led Renaissance artists and mindsets back to a time before Christianity and tough religion. His works reveal women in their purest essence; in nature. No other artist has been able to captivate the subtle beauty of female art. His work are more then beautiful and they will last a lifetime.

    Name: tiffany
    Date: 2003-09-22
    Comments: In the rescent i have been assigned to remake a piece of work done from 1200 ac to 1500 ac. Botticellis' Primovera happened to strike me with immense interest. Twas not even the entire thing that captured me......though the whole thing is absolutely was the man coming from the tree to capture the girl that struck me. I was given an interpretation from someone of this specific section, though of course everything is opinion. She said it was death and decayance, of which i can completely see. Makes me wonder why it was this section that entranced me so. But above there is a comment on it being spring.....and that would make a lot of sense as well.....for with spring there is as well death and decayance when ending. ANyway. I did not mean to make this so long. He was truly an amazing artist and i have so much more respect for him after taking up this endeouver. The detail is intensely intricate, and it is almost impossible for me to follow his work with my own brush even in a midget version. BUt it is fun, and it is nice to be able to study such an amazing piece of work so intricatley trying to follow every little detail.

    Name: Jadescale
    Date: 2003-10-08
    Comments: Does anyone know where i can find a larger version of this piece, or of The Birth of Venus? I need it for an assignment. It truly is breathtaking, this piece, i like his angels..... and the way he does clothes, the folds in their garments.

    Name: Nicole
    Date: 2003-10-16
    Comments: I first head of Botticelli while I was reading a book by Anne Rice. I then saw his painting, on another one of her books. I think he is the most talented painter I have ever seen in my entire life. His paintings keep my attention and i find myself staring at them mezmorized. i want to buy prints of all of them.

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2003-10-24
    Comments: This is a nice painting- I like the composition of the figures, and the dream-like quality; but the perspective is flat and altogether I find it pretty uninspiring.

    Name: Kajori
    Date: 2003-10-31
    Comments: Botticelli is one of my favourites and i love this painting. it is bright and airy and full of luminous jewel tones but one can't help but wonder what lurks in the mysterious woods behind...

    Name: sara e.
    Date: 2004-02-29
    Comments: how fortunate we are to have this testament to beauty, women, nature, poetry ,and honesty. One cannot deny the power and importance of art when looking at affects people on a profound level!

    Name: Charlotte
    Date: 2004-05-09
    Comments: I like this painting a lot.It's named 'primavera' but actually spring is associated with light and joy (at least I myself am associating spring with light and joy, which doesn't mean that I like spring, because I'm melancholy) but this picture has a gloomy atmosphere...that's what I like most, the imagination of a dark springtime.The characters in this painting have expressions on their faces, which inspire the impression in me, that everything they're doing is quite natural and a ritual following firm rules.
    The angel on the right side and the orange trees are gorgeous.

    Name: Thomas Aquinas Casey
    Date: 2004-08-03
    Comments: To learn the hidden meaning of Primavera you must depend upon the premier scholars of Renaissance Florence. Without them you'll never understand or appreciate the divine message Botticelli deliberately incorporated into his masterpiece.

    Name: Kimberly
    Date: 2004-09-23
    Comments: The first Boticelli painting I have ever seen... Truly an exquisite peice.... But for all of you out there... take a closer look, if you can, at the man all the way on the left... look at the intricate features of his face.... look into his eyes, and imagine his feelings as he's reaching into the tree... That's the FIRST thing I noticed in this picture.... The look in his eye, on his face... is absolutley breathtaking....

    Not by human hands....

    Name: cierra
    Date: 2006-05-30
    Comments: I see this painting as being very represental to the coming of spring I would like to see more paintings like this be created in my time.

    Name: Mario
    Date: 2004-10-29
    Comments: I usually talk in Spanish but I will do my best to explain my feelings about this mastrwork. It is known than it is not the best Botticelli's paint but, when I saw this picture, I felt I lost the air in my lungs.

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