Painter of Florence

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    Name: Nicole
    Date: 2002-05-21
    Comments: A stunning portrayal of humility painted with amazing depth, loving detail and rich color. The face of the virgin is truly beautiful.

    Name: Thesy
    Date: 2002-10-26
    Comments: A wonderful painting, the colours are so nice
    and bright. I especially like the way Botticelli
    made the wings of the engles. It gives it a great effect.

    Name: Jaya
    Date: 2002-11-21
    Comments: the painting is very aesthetically pleasing on many levels, but i'm surprised no one took notice (or didn't comment on) what exactly is going on in the piece. the angel gabriel seems to be beseeching the virgin mary, as if in desperation, while the virgin mary seems as if she is repelling him, having a pained look on her face. was this a painting that expressed his heretical views? it was painted in a monestary, so i would figure that it would be more of a happy picture. very interesting analysis.

    Name: rennu
    Date: 2003-02-05
    Comments: I think this is a beautiful painting, chiaroscuro had been used effectively. This portrays great artistic quality and the golden mean gives it a seem of perfection. Well done Botticelli.

    Name: heather
    Date: 2003-03-06
    Comments: This is one of my favorites because of the beauty that it has. The color and texture to the clothing is wonderful. I think this is a very well done piece of work.

    Name: Juliet Capulet
    Date: 2003-04-01
    Comments: This painting portrays Mary being told by the angel Gabriel that she will bear the Son of God. With the look on her face we are told that she did feel as if she enquired "why her". Cestello which is Latin for Heavenly, is really seen in this painting.Gabriel hold lilies in his hand to show Mary's purity. Frankly, this painting is simply beautiful.

    Name: Annie
    Date: 2003-05-30
    Comments: I believe this painting is one of the best paintings this world has to offer. Someone made a comment of how they believe that the Virgin is repelling Gabriel. But I believe that Boticelli captured the trueness of emotion that would have taken place. The color and contrast that he uses to portray holiness is amazing.

    Name: julie
    Date: 2003-10-01
    Comments: What does the background, where the window is mean? Where is this scence taking place? What is the significance of the tree and river? Answer please.

    Name: Laura
    Date: 2003-11-21
    Comments: I would like to say to Blake that they do in fact have all four fingers. Also that I thought the painting was extermly beautiful and well done especially when compared with oters artists renditions of the Annunciation.

    Name: sibel
    Date: 2003-12-26
    Comments: This piece is among the greatests.I always use on the cover page of my master assignments,teachers are always impressed,furthermore Botticelli's colours are fantastic...This is much better than most of those famous paintings...And it is my wallpaper...Just gorgeous

    Name: fany
    Date: 2003-12-29
    Comments: i think this paint is wonderfull
    like anne rice says about boticelli's
    angels is "they are like the beauty
    after the dead" i guess boticelli was
    a great person to pait this magnificent

    Name: Gem
    Date: 2004-01-12
    Comments: The figures are very beautiful in their own right. The way Botticelli uses his colours is magnificant.

    Name: Kimberly
    Date: 2004-09-23
    Comments: Everytime I look at this, or anyone one of Sandro's paintings, I feel a great awe.... I can look at the painting ten times, and feel like it was my first... Each of his paintings have a certain attraction and beauty to it that it makes my heart skip a beat.... Beautiful work...

    Name: Barbie
    Date: 2005-02-26
    Comments: Oh my gosh! I love this painting! The colors that Boticelli used are fabulous and the way the people's faces look in the painting really gives it a heavenly touch. Its an awesomely good painting.

    Name: Sophie
    Date: 2005-05-24
    Comments: I love the colour and i agree this painting has a huge amount of depth. Gabriel looks a thing of beauty and the colours used are out standing.Botticelli is the best I Love him sooooo much his work is amazing.

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