Painter of Florence

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    Name: John
    Date: 2003-01-06
    Comments: Wow! I can't believe I'm the second person to write about this masterpiece! This is a great painting. Botticelli ispired me to become a painter. Hoefully I can make me sone benjamins.

    Name: aeh
    Date: 2003-01-10
    Comments: alright, so if this is a disguised portrait of the medici family, does anyone know which person is lorenzo the magnificent and which is giuliano? I've read that the man on the left with the sword is lorenzo and the man kneeling in white to the right of the middle is giuliano, OR that the man on the left with the sword is giuliano and the man in black with the red sash toward the right center of the painting is lorenzo. help!

    Name: Unknown
    Date: 2003-02-23
    Comments: This painting is a really nice peice of work i wonder why only 3 people have written about it, it really help my understanding of the rennaissance period, It shows cosimo lorenzo and even botticelli himself!

    Name: ESK
    Date: 2003-03-01
    Comments: According to this book History of Italian Renaissance Art,Cosimo de Medici represents the oldest Magus. He is the one kneeling and touching the Christ Child's foot. His sons Giovanni and Piero the Gouty are the Magi kneeling in the foreground. One on the left is Lorenzo de Medici being embraced by someone, and on the right is Lorenzo's brother Giuliano. The artist painted himself in the portrait. He is the one who is looking directly at the viewer, on the extreme right. I hope this little bit of information is helpful. It is a fantastic painting.

    Name: Dylan
    Date: 2003-05-16
    Comments: Yes, the whole thing is quite awe-inspiring. However, Botticelli's self-depiction is my favorite part here. The knowing expression on his face reveals that he is only an observer...seemingly invisible to everyone else. Also, his clothing style is different compared to that of the others...truly a masterpiece.

    Name: Maree
    Date: 2003-10-11
    Comments: This piece of art is truly gorgeous. Look at the amount of detail put into each and every one of the faces. Botticelli was an amazing artist and his work is so fascinating. This painting is really a work of art.

    Name: Colleen
    Date: 2004-02-24
    Comments: The oldest man kneeling is Cosimo de Medici. The man in front of him kneeling in red is Giovanni de Medici. The amn to the right of him also kneeling in white is Pierre de Medici. The man standing to the right of Pierre, looking down, with dark black curly hair is Juliano de Medici. And the man standing on the far left in red is Lorenzo de Medici. I hope that clears it up for everyone.

    Name: SM
    Date: 2004-04-01
    Comments: There's a lot of contradictory information on who is who in this painting. Judging from other artworks I would say that Giuliano is the man in black on the right. Lorenzo is the man in white with the hat. Piero and Giovanni are the two kneeling Magi. I have seen some mention that the young man with the sword is "Lorenzo." Others say Lorenzo is the man in white. Judging from Lorenzo the Magnificent's age and importance at the time, I think he is the man in white. Perhaps the youngster with the sword is Lorenzo and Giuliano's cousin Lorenzo de Pierfrancesco. Lorenzo de Pierfrancesco was a teenager when the painting was made, and lived in Lorenzo the Magnificent's household. This is a beautiful painting.

    Name: Dave
    Date: 2004-07-26
    Comments: According to Vespari And Myrrhine (, Guiliano de Medici is on the left with Poliziano draped on him. To his left is Piccolo della Mirandola, papal legate. The magus kneeling before christ is Cosimo the elder and the red garbed fellow below is Piero de Gouty, father of Lorezo. Lorenzo is the black garbed individual on the right in profile, and Botticelli left his calling card in the form of a self portrair dreesed in brown on the far right.

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