Painter of Florence

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    Name: Shelly
    Date: 2003-02-01
    Comments: Ah, my favorite artist. Quite a composition he has going here. Each object has such a visible texture that you might be able to feel it. And the value creates so much detail in everything. This is a painting that truly meets my aestetic criteria.

    Name: Mrs Reading
    Date: 2003-09-02
    Comments: in Proust "Un amour de Swann", Swann says he loves Odette since he find she lookes like the daughter of Jetho....

    Name: Katelyn
    Date: 2004-08-23
    Comments: I find this one of the most amazing of all of Botticelli's artwork. The texture of the paitning is exquisite. in fact, its imperfection gives the figures an almost divine look. does that make any sense to you? hmmm, i can't explain what Im feeling.
    The woman facing us in the painting has a somber sorrow to her, one that seems to be above the rest of us, leaving her detached and unable to change anything

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